Binance x Tranchess AMA Recap

  1. What is Tranchess and what is Tranchess’ value proposition?
  2. What is special about Tranchess V2?
  3. Why launch Tranchess V2 in current market conditions?
  4. What is DeFi 2.0 and why is Tranchess V2 a good representation of it?
  5. What are the next steps for Tranchess?
  6. Why is Tranchess V2 User interface so different?
  1. 3 New AMM pools for Bishops vs BUSD to facilitate token swap with little friction.
  2. Sustainable & Diverse way to earn yield for Tranchess users
  3. Greater independence of yield away from CHESS Emissions
  4. Increased Protocol revenue and rebates for CHESS lockers.
  5. Improved utilization & liquidity of Bishop & Rook.



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