Manic Yield Monday with Tranchess

9 min readApr 11, 2022

On Monday, March 14 2022, we were hosted by the BNB Chain Community for the Manic Yield Monday event! This was a special event where our co-founder Danny Chong, aka Danny had a conversation with a member of the Tranchess community! We at Tranchess deeply value our community and all of their feedback, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to speak online with a community member who was willing to share his thoughts and insights with everyone.

Not only that, 10 active listeners and participants of the AMA also had TWO opportunities to win part of the prize pool of $500 USD in CHESS!


Throughout the AMA, Danny and the community member touch upon a variety of subjects ranging from basic introductory information to more complex in-depth mechanism explanations. The following topics were discussed:

  1. What’s the fastest and simplest way to earn yield from Tranchess?
  2. How do you create QUEEN with BTC/ETH/BNB?
  3. Where can I buy BTC/ETH/BNB?
  4. Tranches Security
  5. What are BISHOP & ROOK? How do they get yield?
  6. Why use ROOK instead of holding stablecoin?
  7. Underlying asset with the highest yield
  8. CHESS utility

Should you be interested in reading the raw script, please head over to the BNB Chain TG channel!


Danny: Hello everyone!! This is Danny Chong, Co-Founder and CEO of Tranches back with you today on BNB Chain Live ~ For Manic Yield Monday.

Danny: To intro abt Tranchess a bit

Tranchess is a Yield Enhancing Structured Asset Tracker With varied Risk-Return Solutions — Whether you are a newie/professional in DeFi or low risk/high risk appetite user, there’s a product for everyone in Tranchess.

and now for all our user of the day to make the grand entrance ~~

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): Hiii everyone!! 🙂 I’m Tranchess Community Member (Hancock):a community member at Tranchess, aka a loyal tranchess trooper! It’s really swell to be here with everyone. Thanks Binance for giving me the opportunity to be in the limelight and to ask some questions today!

Danny: Thanks for taking time to be with us today Hancock!!Users are an important part of the Tranchess Community — What you are thinking of or would like to know is integral to the team in learning what possibly needs to be done and relook at.Delighted for you to take time off and be with us today! Thank you!

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): No problemo 🙂 so how should we start ?

Danny: Well…according to the format I know….You can start with firing out any questions on your mind here and I’ll try to answer it as best as I can ~ Ask stuff that you’ve always wanted to ask and//or what other users from the community would like to know about Tranches Yields!!

You represent yourself and the community!

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): Hahah okie doki…hmm ok here goes…this is on behalf of all noob users out there (like me)..What is the fastest and simplest way for a user to earn yield from Tranchess?

Danny: Easy! If you have BTC, ETH or BNB in your metamask wallet, connect to via BNB Chain. Go to primary market — Create Queen (either BTC / ETH / BNB ), claim and stake them at 2pm UTC time.

Done! You will start earning interests~!

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): i see…so how much are we looking at if we create Queen with any of the BTC, ETH or BNB currently?

Danny: Hang on a sec ~ Let me stick a live picture for you from the protoocl.

So this is from the homepage — You will see the same as above once you click in.

(Let us know if you don’t !!)

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): ahhh awesome, i guess i did get it all along haha! It’s quite intuitive!

Danny: Yes it is ~

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): i quite like the color scheme and overall UI/UX, it’s super easy to follow ~ so far i’ve loved it! So what if I don’t have any of the BTC ETH or BNB, do I have to buy them before transferring over to metamask?

BNBChain Bot: Tranchess Community Member (Hancock) you just reached level 2 in the BNBChain Chat

Danny: Wow congrats @fon_hancock — You just reached level 2 !

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): haha WOOT!

Danny: Regarding your question…Not to worry, you can definitely still use USDC to buy any of the Queen, Bishop, Rook over on Tranchess Swap ->

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): Can i exchange them to the underlying tokens via pancakeswap?? Before doing creation process and staking them in Tranchess

Danny: For sure ~ It is after all a user preference, you can definitely change it to the underlying you like before doing the creation process as mentioned above in the Primary Market.

And to add ~ Some users had feedback that liquidity for the Swap is not great from time to time — Which we observed is sometimes true especially during market gaps. We are working on this and have announced in our recent townhall — there will be a v2 revamp, which would include improving the direct liquidity access for users on our tokens!

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): Ah nice nice! I saw that! super looking forward to it

Danny: Us too! We really want to move things forward as fast as we can but just need to go through the proper process to produce them.

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): yeah, no worries! I get that building takes time and security is important!

Danny: Indeed…If you don’t mind…. ummm kettle is boiling and it’s about to explode ~be right back. But in the meantime, let’s give the crowd a small QUIZ! The first 5 to get all questions right will win $50 USD in CHESS EACH!!! Here’s the quiz link:

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): Omg! can i participate as well? 😄 i want to try win more CHESS too!

Danny: Of course! May the bestest and fastest, Win!!!!!

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): so exciting

ok i submitted my scores. got 1 question wrong…oops haha

i wonder how others are doing

…5 minutes later…

are you here ser? @Tranchess_King

Danny: 1 sec

Yup! Form is now closed. Don’t worry if you missed this quiz or if you didn’t win, there’s another one coming up!

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): haha that wasn’t easy

Danny: Sorry was quickly looking through at the responses as well. Once tea was done of course. Ok maybe let me ask you a question as well …

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): 😮

Danny:…. so if you had to pick ONE thing that you liked most about Tranchess, what would it be? #NoPressure

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): I think it’s honestly that i always know my funds are completely safu with you guys. I know you all focus a lot on the security and defense mechanism of the protocol. I never have to worry about my money being rugged. I get that it slows down building but I value security so much more

Danny: Security is our top priority for sure. And as resources improve ~ we are definitely not letting build phases slow down.

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): Haha yeah…to be honest, I would rather go for something safer than to lose my assets to rug or hacks. It’s one of the reasons why I deploy quite a bit of my assets on BSC to you guys! the yield is great, and definitely one of the highest in crypto for BTC, ETH and BNB

Danny: it does take a lot more time and space to be meticulous on security~

Thanks for the recognition and support ser 🙂

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): No problemo!! so what about BISHOP and ROOK though. Are they yielding much?I want to learn more about it…seems like a sleeping giant

Danny: Yes of course!

Chess token emission ratio for Queen: Bishop: Rook is 3:4:2, in other words, Bishop — our stable coin pool will be in fact earning an even higher yield than Queen.

Rook our leverage token not only provides a leverage of around 2 + — but also has a yield component to boot.

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): Ah yes, that is awesome for sure! I like to have some ROOK on hand because i love the leverage (even though i’m not the best trader…). But then it’s really great that even when the market is down, I can still earn yield while holding onto leverage as opposed to paying funding cost!! And I won’t get forcefully liquidated too like i might have on exchanges… 😅

Danny: Yes indeed. Bishop is also great if you are planning to hold stables. One of the highest yielding single asset pools around for stables .

live plucked from

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): oh and if i have usdc with me, and want steady interest rate and yield, why don’t i supply it on lending protocols? Why should i use tranchess’ bishop instead?

Danny: The interest rate Bishop/or your USDC gains in Tranchess would be slightly higher than what you get directly through lending protocols. Also we use the borrow rate for interest rate as benchmark, instead of the supply rate. Not to mention the extra CHESS yield.

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): Got it got it. If I can ask also ~ which of the underlying assets earns the highest yield for now?

Danny: Good question! Definitely the BNB fund~

Reason is simple — Tranchess manages in tandem its own Validator pool on BNB Chain.

Validator rewards are independent and in addition to CHESS emission. Hence you can see that BNB nQueen reward is much higher than those of BTC and ETH. We are coming out with more diverse and sustainable ways of earning yield.

BNB is only the start 🙂

You can read this for more information on BNB Fund ~

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): It’s quite clear now on how to earn yield with QBR aka Queen, Bishop and Rook. Maybe everyone would also like to know how to have extra yield from CHESS lock ?

Danny: Yes for sure. That’s one of the highlights of Tranchess to be honest. So just to explain quickly, when users acquire CHESS, they can lock them in Tranchess and earn up to 50% of weekly protocol income.

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): It sounds easy! But how do you really get the income? What do I really get in return? More CHESS? haha

Danny: As you know we have funds in BTC, ETH and BNB, so you will be getting protocol distributions in a combination of those underlyings. ** CHESS is given out for staking QBR & not for locking up CHESS. **

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): So how would i get the rebates then? you mentioned i can get up to 50% of protocol revenue that is given to users on a weekly basis right?

Danny: Well yes …When a user locks CHESS, they will get veCHESS. The amount of veCHESS received will be dependent on how much CHESS is locked and also for how long the duration of CHESS is being locked.

Currently we allow users to lock up to 1 year ~ we will release longer tenors based on community votes and when we have more products released!

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock) ohh i see i see! i also saw that vechess gives you yield boosting. does this boost my rebates too?

Danny: That’s actually more for impacting the amount of Chess yield that users might have along the way.

3x boosting is the max you can get for each of the funds. If you are not sure on how to go about this — feel free to try it out here :

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): ahh i see! woa cool simulator! I guess this can be more for advance users who have all 3 funds and also all the various funds’ QBR~

Danny: Yes indeed. Basic users can just focus on staking QBR to earn yield, and then locking CHESS to earn income rebates!

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): Got it…makes a lot of sense! Well that’s it from me haha dont have any other questions! makes me ever more bullish on tranchess and now i know more about where the yields are from and how i can get great yield frmo you guys

Danny: Indeed. And with that I guess it’s time for the second quiz. If you missed out on the last one, don’t miss out on this!

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): omg yes, REDEMPTION!!! Must get 5/5

Danny: Haha chill! We will have more of these opportunities! Here it is. Same rules. First 5 to answer all correctly…

In 3…2…1…

Good luck guys !

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): 🎊

Danny: 🍻

Clock is ticking guys ~ I see the responses fast moving

Closing quiz 2 in 3…2…1…closed!

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock):

🎊 I think i got it this time

Danny: Well then…Tranchess Community Member (Hancock). Thanks for being the special user with us today. Hope it was an awesome session for you and the rest of BNB Community here.

Tranchess Community Member (Hancock): Thank you for having me King and Binance!




A Yield Enhancing Asset Tracker with Varied Risk-Return Solutions.