Tranchess Townhall III Recap


  1. Successful ETH fund release
    2) Binance Listing
    3) BNB Chain MVB Hall of Fame
    4) TranchessDAO
    5) BNB Chain Validator Node
    6) ChainLink Integration/Collaboration
    7) Launched: Tranchess Trooper of the Month
    8) Successful BNB fund launch
    9) BNB Chain DeFi League
    10) Emission Voting Engaged
    11) #DidYouKnow
    12) V2 & AMM like stable pool
    13) Community DAO and development
    14) Increasing TradFi crypto engagement
    15) Multi Chain


  • * On behalf of the Tranchess Team — I would like to thank all our users for the unwavering support thus far. **



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