Tranchess DAO Vol I — Conclusion and Appreciation

4 min readDec 19, 2021


Tranchess Forum was launched on December 2, right after Thanksgiving week; We took our first step in DAO and were heartened by the quick community participation and support. As such, we would like to take the opportunity here to send a “thank you note” to all of our community members.

The forum launched with the release of our very first DAO proposal, which was successfully concluded last Friday. The “Yes” votes cast were the majority and can be considered a landslide victory with little surprise, The conclusion of the vote also signaled the countdown to the launch of the highly anticipated alpha-driven BNB fund.

Despite it being our first DAO forum and obviously us taking some baby steps, we have picked up some great advice and comments from the forum, thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm and active participation. We had been blown away by the depth and breadth of thoughts shown in some of the comments. In addition to announcing the smooth run-in of the forum, we think it is important as well to extend a special thanks to all our invaluable contributors. Below are some of the noteworthy comments shared on the forum:

“…There are several ways to mitigate this, or at least, it might have been planned already in the future, but here’s what I think will happen.

  1. CHESS derivatives — since CHESS is backed by Q/B/R, it would be inefficient to allocate more CHESS to the liquidity miners exceeding the defined finite amount, so by that time, it would be logical that CHESS derivatives will be made, which will be used to pay out to liquidity miners (Q/B/R holders) after the CHESS emissions end.
  2. TranchessDAO tokens pools — With TranchessDAO, it’s possible to create liquidity pool bonds, so other tokens can be partnered to CHESS (i.e. SOL-CHESS, MATIC-CHESS, 1INCH-CHESS) to create LP pools, which can also be paid to liquidity miners. This will naturally create token bonds, which increase more demand of CHESS for pool shares and treasury.


I am thinking out loud here so, I think with TranchessDAO, it will open a universe of growth and possibilities.”

— @jjlln

Hi @jjlln, you are da man! We believe even Danny, our Tranchess King wouldn’t mind if we call you the “King” of cool comments. Due to the limitation of space, we have only excerpted one post from you, but we have read through all of your responses. Thank you for your trust and your support, not just to the Tranchess protocol, but also to the Tranchess community. We believe your trust will not be in vain.

I have a new product suggestion for Tranchess team. I understand that the current Tranche product is not complete. There are other tokens and chains to expand to. So this is probably a long-term suggestion. Here it goes:


In 25 words or less, … helps users execute a covered call or fully collateralized put option strategy on prominent coins to generate yield. I think the Tranchess team is very well suited to build this structured product on BSC.

I personally would be very interested in using this product should they choose to implement it.”

— @ Dreverhaven

For us, it’s always exciting to see questions and discussions from the community. Users raise questions that are often answered by the community itself; Sharing of thoughts and insights allows everyone to gain a deeper level of thought and understanding on Tranchess. We believe this is one of the most important benefits of DAO: it brings the development team and the community closer and allows us all to grow together.

…….an NFT airdrop would be nice? like if we lock for 1 month we get a pawn, 3 months a knight, 6 months, a bishop, 6 months + voting = rook. king and queen off the list for now.”

— @kittypaw

Hi @kittypaw, just out of curiosity: why is King and Queen off the list?

“…..Price is a lagging indicator of growth.

If tranchess community and assets tvl grow over time, price will follow.

Team and community should look for innovations and new product offering to retain existing investors and attract new ones .”

— @adarsh

I probably shouldn’t be saying this but… I think you could be right.😉

“…I come from Asia. Recently, the topic of blockchain is very popular in Taiwan, but it mainly comes from game-fi and main chain projects

I tried to search but most of the Tranchess posts were obscured by other information.

Looking forward to the next stage of BNB funds can bring more topics in the market.”

— Ruei

Thank you @Ruei. We did notice also the posts from non-English speaking users. We would definitely continue to explore ways to better spread our names in different regions.

The comments above are only a small selection of the many posts we have seen. Many of your posts have induced rounds of interesting discussions within the team, and have given us the faith that with the forum and DAO, we will for sure develop a better Tranchess with everyone.

It’s the festival season and Christmas is right around the corner. Your posts and comments are the best Christmas presents to the Tranchess Team & to the community; It will definitely continue to be the inspiration in the coming 2022. Tranchess will also serve soon its own long-prepared festival surprise — the BNB fund with alpha earning capability. We are sure it will be worth the wait for you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎄

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